What is the common Thai street food?

Ga-prao moo kai daaw กะเพราหมูไข่ดาว

"Mince pork stir fried with Thai basil leaf add fried egg"

This is one of the most common Thai street food. It is a bit spicy because of the ingredient :
Chili + garlic and Thai basil leaf.

Ga-prao กะเพรา = Thai basil leaf
moo หมู = pork
kai daaw  ไข่ดาว = fried egg

if you never tried this dish before I recommend you to tell the chef  that a bit spicy " ped nid noi"
เผ็ดนิดหน่อย   or you can tell them " sai prig nid noi" ใส่พริกนิดหน่อย put a bit of chili. Just in case you might feel too hot and spicy after you eat the first spoon. It also very common to add "kai daaw " ไข่ดาว fried egg on top .

The price of this dish just about 40-55 baht .
If you like something simple and spicy I recommend you to try this dish.

Enjoy your meal  " gin hai a-roi" กินให้อร่อย

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